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yamaha racer
08/26/2006, 06:38 PM
i plan on getting a clam but i want to know more about them. like do they need alot of flow?, do they need a calcium reactor, or can i get my with dailly additives of calcium? and just school me in them

08/26/2006, 06:50 PM
I would post in the clam forum for expert advice, But in my experience, They do not like high flow, and I dose with calium every other day. Other than that, good lighting and good water quality will make most clams do well. Derasas are the easiest.

08/26/2006, 06:57 PM
Very low flow, bright lighting. T. squamosa, T. Gigas and T. Derasa prefer to be on the sand. T. maxima and T. crocea prefer a rocky base.

Derasas are the easiest to keep followed by Squamosas, Maximas and finally Croceas. Croceas burrow into a rock - it is also known as a "boring clam" it is the most colourful but finicky of the genus.

Clams are prone to pyramidellian snail parasites that feed on their mantles during the night. Check for any rice like snails beneath the byssus gland or between the scutes (ridges on the shell) during the day and around the mantle by night - manually remove if found. Certain wrasses also eat them if they can find them NB. Six line wrasse.

Clams will expel water at high velocity through their excurrent siphon - dont put them near the top, they may drench your lights when closing rapidly. Always place the byssal gland of the clam on the lower part of an incline. The byssus opening is at the base of the clam directly beneath the incurrent siphon which is basically a hole with some small tentacular formations. Clams attach to their substratum via the byssus - some do so more readily than others, notably T. maxima and T. crocea. Squamosas and Derasas and T. Gigas tend to lose their gland in time and rely on their weight to keep them upright on the sand.

Lighting should be VHO at least to keep clams in a @ deep aquarium. For best growth a 150W halide would be best. They are rapid calcifiers IME and will use up a lot of Calcium, though no more than any SPS IME. Liquid calcium dosed correctly will be fine.

Hope this helped,

yamaha racer
08/26/2006, 07:08 PM
ok sweet thanks, i forgot there was a clam forum so ill move it over ther, but thanks alot ciaran

08/26/2006, 07:41 PM
you forgot hippopus hippopus....

08/27/2006, 06:02 PM
you forgot hippopus hippopus....

and Hippopus porcellanus - they arent that common (in comparsion to the genus Tridacna) IME and are less attractive than the Tridacna genus so i omitted them - my bad. Care is much the same though as they are in the same family - Tridacnidae