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08/26/2006, 08:40 PM
how's is it treating you? It's been a while now since the latest wave of BB seems to have come and gone.

I've been running a SSB in my tanks (different ones) for going on 8 years now and thinking about switching.

Anyway, just curious.

08/26/2006, 09:02 PM
I had a 2-3" sandbed in my 65g for about six months. I have a nasty little hawkfish (don't get me wrong, he's a cool fish and I adore him) that kills for sport, so snails and hermits don't last long. With a wrasse and dottyback constantly on patrol, pods and worms haven't got a hope. Early on I also made the mistake of getting a pair of sand-sifting gobies, and until they were murdered by their tankmates (another story all together) they spent their days busily removing any and all life from the sandbed. The end result was a dead sandbed with NO caretakers that did nothing but collect detritus. Fast forward a few months, and BOOM!! Phosphates went through the roof. The algae bloom was spectacular, and at that point going BB seemed to be the right choice for this tank.

Removing the sand was probably the best choice I've made for my 65g, now I can easily remove any detritus that collects and don't need to rely on clean-up critters that I'd have to constantly replenish. There are only 10-15 hermits and three snails (one turbo, two cerith) in the tank, and when they go I probably won't replace them. There's no nuisance algae at all, any that tries to gain a foothold gets gobbled by three hungry dwarf angels and a pincushion urchin. When I compare that to the constant glass cleaning and fuzzy green sand I used to have, I'm very glad I went BB.

That said, I have nothing against sand -- my 21g has a 2" bed of live Bahamas Oolite that's as white as the day I added it. 13 nassarius snails, a fistful of hermits and a pistol shrimp do an incredible caretaking job, and the sand is full of nitrogen bubbles so I know it's working away, reducing nitrate. IMO each tank is different and there are some that really lend themselves to going BB, some that seem to do better with sand. I like having both; it allows me to keep different creatures and look at sand or a nice clean glass bottom, whatever appeals at the moment :D

08/26/2006, 09:07 PM
Thanks for the in depth reply, appreciated. So sounds liked you switched after it was up and running....so my next question would be how you changed?