View Full Version : Premium membership and the benefits.

08/27/2006, 11:54 AM
To those who weren't at yesterday's meeting, we passed our our annual SCMAS ID cards. These cards serve several purposes...first they will get you into speaking engagements, and other special events with out a charge. Second, they will entitle you to a discount at a participating retailer...the names of the retailers are on the back of the card.

Here's how you get one...

There is no charge for these cards...the requirement for premium membership is to attend two meetings per calendar year. These must be regular meetings...special events do not count.

Second, if you have met this requirement, you need to get your information to Robert (Leopard Wrasse). He needs your phone number and some other info. I'm sure he will post the items needed in this thread.

The reason we require participation for premium membership is because for these benefits to be available we need support. Raffles, frag swaps, club sales are just a few of the ways we generate money, participation boosts these efforts.

Thanks to everyone supporting SCMAS...our members and our sponsors.