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08/27/2006, 12:47 PM
I want to set up a cool little(5.5g probably) decerative fuge. Hoping to make it more for looks then function. I have nothing at at all currently to stock it with and I'm really hoping you guys can get me started with just some little clippings. The details of what the tank will be like are here: http://reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=916054

08/27/2006, 12:49 PM
*decorative that should be. I knew it was wrong, but when I went to hit the spell check I hit submit.

08/27/2006, 04:00 PM
I don't know what I have, but I am happy to give you some. I also don't know how to clip it, so I may need some help there. I have what looks like green stalks with bunches of grapes growing on them, some little neon green sticks about an inch long, and some sort of rounded red leafy algae. All grew from a couple pieces of rock. It's all in my little ten gallon tank that's about to go away.


08/27/2006, 04:08 PM
I've got some red dragon tongue, and a red either gracilaria or codium. not sure what really, kinda rubbery. but both bright red. like a couple snips i gave to RBTA at the last meeting. and some green halameda. i see a little sprout of red grape popping up again. if it takes off, i can snip a branch of that off too, but later. it comes and goes. when the tank is dirty enough they rebound, when its too clean it seems to disappear. i must be in dirty tank mode again. the halameda needs lots of calcium.
you will need to get them to anchor to a rock. then they stay put and grow nice. and later multiply. new ones will pop up all over.

also some fine feathered calerpa, and taxifolia, and a little bit of razor, and prolifera, all green. i just pulled a bunch out a couple weeks ago, so its a little thin. right now. and some chaeto. and i just trimmed that back recently too. i seem to have a varitable weed garden going here. but they are interesting. like they say in gardening, a weed is nothing more than a plant out of place.

whatchu need?

08/27/2006, 04:52 PM
Lots of calcium. :-D great. My calcium levels during the last two months have been higher then you'd ever want them to be.

Honestly I have nooo idea what I would like to get and with all the names you might as well be speaking French. I am going to have to do some research on this to find exactly what they look like and how they grow.

Photos would be GREAT. I will let you know which particular things I am looking for when I figure it out, lol.


08/27/2006, 05:21 PM
If it grows and thrives in the aquarium Ken will give you the correct french names! So no worries. The only thing we couldn't ID was a goby and tang I sold him in a previous life. Were waiting for the tang to grow :D and well for a 1.99...the goby rocks :rollface: thats all we need to know.

08/27/2006, 07:02 PM
Neau parle francais? I don't speak french. no i dont know all their names, i just feed them and they grow. I like them Misc. tangs and gobies you sold me. they are doing great.

I dont have a digital camera so i have no pictures. trust me. nice plants. go for the reds, halameda, prolifera and maybe razor. the others get to be a nuisance.

hey, ST , you haven't checked you PMs again the last few days.. better look..

08/27/2006, 07:10 PM
I've got that large leafed Halemeda for you when your ready Jon. Calcium and light are pretty much all it takes for these babies to take off.

When the smaller leafed variety comes back I'll donate some of those to you as well. I had to trim them out to almost non-existance bcause they were taking over some things.

08/27/2006, 08:06 PM
Speaking of LFS's,
see other post,

08/28/2006, 05:55 PM
KaptKen, I have...just havent opened them yet :D BTW! I was at Exotic Aquatics today and they had a tang similar to yours, except lighter in color (i sold a bunch of those misc. tangs to people-some people's stayed light some darkened). Anyways they were selling it as a "Milk Tang." Sounds like a lead...havent googled it yet...or maybe fishbased (altho i think fishbase is down *cries and feels afraid*)

08/28/2006, 10:46 PM
well, ST... it seems them Misc. tangs you sold me only get light colored when they are scared or stressed. so happy mode is a darker bluish black, like a Niger Trigger, with slightly visible goldish longitudinal pin stripings. nice healthy active grazing fish. they like my weed gardens. I hardly feed the one by itself in a 29, with frag rock and various calerpa growing . he's nice and fat. still growing. i just give him one pinch of flake in the morning and a squirt of frozen brine and mysis in the afternoon. the rest of his feed is green from the tank.

09/09/2006, 10:59 AM
Ok, I’m about to give up. I think I have wasted more time trying to build myself a 5.5 gallon fuge then I have…. I don’t know I’ve just wasted a lot of time. I have randomly gone back to trying to break up the two old tanks I had and just get to the point where I feel like I’m going to break something or I do break something then I leave it alone for a day. Then I realized that the holes I had drilled in the bottom of the tank were for some PVC fittings I had that were not the same size as any of the bulk heads I have.

So here is the new plan. The tank which I plan to use in the future to house sea horses will for at least time being be a refugium. The tank currently has in it:
A Strawberry Crab (Neoliomera pubescens)
A Pom Pom Crab (Lybia tesselata)
Two purple or blue coral banded shrimp (Stenopus tenuirostris)
And one yellowish green feather duster()
A small amount of grape algae stuff
The substrate is indo pacific arag alive which is currently only about an inch thick, but I have another bag I am currently working on adding.

It is time to stock. I need to get some pods going and would like to have some macro algae growing for when this tank gets connected with the others. This is a 20 high lit by a Mini Aqualight Double from ESU with one 9W 10,000K and one 9W True Actinic 03 blue lamp. It is really not a lot of light, but I will be looking into more lighting soon. I am also not ready for anything that needs to be tumbled or needs great deal of flow.

I am trying to find some photos of some of the algae that has been posted about so far any help? I am also really hoping to find some Mangrove and some brush plant.

09/09/2006, 11:11 AM
I also need to stock pods. Amphipods, copepods, mysis and other small stuff. I do have some tiger pods, but have not added them yet. I may do that. Does any one know if any of the tanks current inhabitants will eat pods?

09/10/2006, 09:54 PM
Jon, If you are coming to the meeting, I'll bring a starter bag of some of the red and green macros i haveand a twig of halameda. and see if i can dig up some pods and stuff too. my reds are in a 29 with a 55 watt PC . just swapped it back to the old arcadia 14,000K white lamp and it seems to like it better than the 50/50. more light i guess.

wll you be there?

09/10/2006, 10:31 PM
I plan on being there yes, but message me a couple days ahead of time to make sure. Thanks kaptken, greatly appreciated.

After listening to talking reef talk about copepods I think the Strawberry Crab (Neoliomera pubescens) will go after pods because it is similar in behaviour, from what I understand, to Emerald Crab (Mithrax sculptus) though they are more distantly related then I had thought because I though they were in the same genus. If anyone is bringing pods I will have to move the strawberry before then or get my 5.5 set up.

Has anyone seen Mangrove or brush plants for sale at any LFSs?

09/11/2006, 09:00 PM
Yoh-K! I'll bring a bag-O-macro/pod starter critters ,even if i forget to verify with you before hand.

think about a bit more light, though for better macro growth, maybe at least a 36 watt Pc for the 20 high?....

09/11/2006, 09:40 PM
I'm thinking more and more that I need to put together a 5.5 so I can have that light right on top of stuff as well as keep the pods separate from the crabs. I my strawberry crab is probably going to be moved in with my engineer gobies, but I am still a little scared to do it, he is so shy and they can be mean defending there home. I definitely don't want to risk moving my pompom right now.

This fuge is looking more and more important to get started. My budget for this fall looks horrible. I am likely going to have to take out another loan and I am already dropping one class so I can work more hours.(course load was a bit much anyways) I can't wait till I can finish up and make some real money... but at the same time I don't want to stop learning.


09/11/2006, 10:28 PM
Jon, an ultra low budget fuge can be as simple as a 5-10 gallon plastic storage bin from wally wurld with a bulkhead through it near the top to dump back into the main tank. just mount it so the bulkhead is a few inches higher than the tank. with a light on it for the macro. have a small maxi jet pump or something from the tank to feed the fuge. be creative, and you dont need to spend a lot of money or time on the tanks. it may not be pretty, but biologically it will work.

after all, your first job right now is being a good student. you need to focus on your study,or else you might end up as a bum like me... and believe me, i acomplished that the hard way!

09/11/2006, 11:06 PM
You've given me inspiration. This week end it is time to get things rolling. I'm thinking I may take my 40g system and turn it into 113g with out hardly any work. Possibly. Got to play around with the idea when it's not 1am and I don't have an 8am class.

What I am thinking is I just need to rearrange my center block shelf and drill some holes in this old rubber made. I have some bulk heads and some aquarium glue laying around I could use to make sure they are right. I also have some pumps. If I get the rubber made a little higher then my two current tanks and just put the 40g bellow it just for water volume for time being with a lid on it to cut evaporation.... putting two holes in that rubber made I can get things running with out worrying about cutting my two current tanks or buying over flows or moving any inhabitants in them to work on things. (I will of course have to only add the rubber made first and then the 40g a week later so I don't more then twice as much new water vs the cycled stuff. I am probably talking in circles. Details when I don't have 8am.

<IMG SRC="http://www.gordonious.com/RC/HPIM6000s.JPG">

09/11/2006, 11:55 PM
looks like you have enough parts already to make your lego block cascading system. if you use a smaller rubber maid tub fuge above, you might have room for a strip light above it.