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08/28/2006, 08:53 AM
I need money to fix my car and this is the quickest way I can think of doing it. I by no means want to do this and I am going to miss the tanks as soon as they are out the door but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Those of you that have seen my tanks in person can vouch for them. So here it goes.

16 gallon nano

equipment (very low-tech but has served me well for 4 years):

16 gallon aquarium (same footprint as a 10 gallon)
old black wrought iron stand
Visitherm heater
2 Zoo-Med Powersweep powerheads (no longer sweep of course but move water just fine)
Bio-wheel 170 filter
24" 130 watt Current PC (bulbs 1 month old)
Coralife dual timer


30 or so pounds of liverock
30 pounds of live sand

blue leg hermits
red leg hermits
misc. species of snails

25 + polyps of Safecrackers
15 + polyps of Tub blues
12 + polyps of Creamsicles
60 + polyps of metallic pink zoa's
50 + polyps of Eagle Eyes
40 + polyps of metallic blue Paly's
10 polyps of neon green zoa's
10 + polyps of deep purple Paly's
25 + polyps of neon green Paly's
30 + polyps of red skirted, baby blue centered zoa's
8 polyps of red dragon eyes
12 + polyps of red skirt, black centered zoa's
10 polyps of brown skirted orange zoa's
100 + polyps of assorted zoa's attached to various pieces of live rock (dragon eyes, green frost, gorilla nipples...)
6 head Blasto frag
4 red mushrooms
20 +purplish blue mushrooms
3 purple Tonga mushrooms
2 tri-color rics (2 inches across)
1 blue ric (2 inches across)
1 neon green and purple Ricordea yuma
large colony of GSP which is on rocks and also growing up the back wall of the tank
two headed frogspawn coral (green w/ purple tips)

20 long prop tank w/ 20 long fuge (prop tank is drilled and fuge is baffled both DIY)


2 20 long aquariums
black pressed wood stand
2 Visitherm heaters
Rio 1100 return pump
Seaclone 100 skimmer
extra plumbing to make external Durso standpipes
30 inch 130 watt Current PC (bulbs 1 month old)
clip on fuge light (needs new bulb)


3 pounds of live rock rubble
15 pounds of live sand

asst. snails and crabs
tons of pods, bristleworms and micro stars

small amount of Dragon's Breath macro

10 or so frags of misc. zoa's

Okay I want $500 firm for the 16 gallon, the zoanthids are worth that much alone. I want $250 firm for the prop system and all the frags. I will not separate at this time so don't ask. Please no "dibs", I have several people that have contacted me about certain corals in my tanks and I wrote them down in the order they contacted me and what they requested. If I part out, they will get contacted first. I am in Delaware and I will not ship. Thanks in advance.

08/28/2006, 10:17 AM
Sorry to see you do this. Good luck with the car.

08/28/2006, 10:25 AM
Thanks Angel. As soon as this is over I plan to come back with a badass 30 cube. I still have the 37 at the shop though so I'm not completely down and out.

08/28/2006, 03:40 PM
Holy Cow! You have all that packed into 16g?! I wish I was in the market for a new tank.
Good Luck Dude!

08/28/2006, 03:48 PM
Yeah, it looks great too plus it's nice and mature and growing together. Oh and now it's pending sale!

08/31/2006, 06:55 PM
All sold. Thanks.

08/31/2006, 11:27 PM
atta boy Jay. soon as you sort things out you will be back with another killer tank. I liked your great collection of zoos. I havent done too many of them myself. more into sps. and stuff. but your pictures of the tank showed how nice they can be.
hope its not too long till the next one.

09/01/2006, 04:18 PM
Thanks kaptken. The 30 cube might not be too far in the future since I found the parts for my truck cheaper by half. Hopefully all will fall into place quickly.