View Full Version : Giving away a reptile Presicion cage

08/29/2006, 07:50 PM
I am a BAS member #870 . I am giving away to any BAS member (must be a member. I wont give cage without seeing card ,ID ) a Presicion reptile cage. I have no use for it .

It was given to me by a neighbor. Its 24 inches by 20 inches with built in bulbs on top (has two sockets).

Its plastic white color with clear acrylic door holds in heat well-No scratches . Its like new .

If you want it its yours but you have to pick it up as I havent had chance to go to meeting in awhile . I am in Whitestone queens.

Site shows cage www.presicioncaging.com cage is lizard,snake small size .
If you have leopard geckos or small snakes its fantastic . You can email me [email protected] dont email me if not a member .

Again not selling it not trading it for anything .

08/30/2006, 02:17 AM
couldnt edit the message due to regulations in this forum but gave out wrong site this is site


The cage is the white small exact same except two bulb sockets instead of one .