View Full Version : Dialing in ASM G4 Plus

TCU Reefer
09/18/2006, 02:04 PM
I've had this skimmer running on my 215g for around 6 months but lately, I've had a lot of trouble fine tuning it.

It is being fed directly from one of my overflows and the flow going into the skimmer is controlled by a gate valve.

I also have the gate valve mod controlling the outflow from the skimmer.

I usually have all flow from the drain go into the skimmer but my collection cup's been overflowing a lot and it's been frustrating. When I try to dial it in with the gate valve mod, the bubbles either have difficulty coming to the top of the neck or it overflows.

How does everyone have their ASM set? When I purchased the skimmer, it was recommended to me by ASM that 200gph is ideal for this skimmer but I've also been told to have all 600 gph of my overflow puring into it.

Ideas how to find the happy, mucky medium?

09/19/2006, 01:19 PM
You received some bad advice. Yes, you want your overflow output going into the skimmer, but not 600gph. 200-300g will be ideal for you.

These skimmers are very simple and does not require a lot of tweeking. I expect that you have the recirc mod, so the amount of water in your sump is mute.

1. feed the skimmer 200-300gph
2. set the water line inside the skimmer (where the water and bubbles meet) 1/2 inch up into the skimmer cup, the higher the wetter the skim
3. sit back and enjoy the skim