View Full Version : Need a return pump

09/19/2006, 06:39 PM
Jeremy I would like to replace my rio 2500 using as a return pump with an eheim. Would you recommend a eheim 1260 or would that be too much return for a 55 gallon?


Jeremy B.
09/20/2006, 10:10 AM
Hi Scott,

Good choice, I love Eheim pumps! I personally would lean toward the 1260 just because I feel like the 1250 would not be enough. If you think you have too much flow coming out of it you can always dial it back a notch with an inline ball valve, which has no adverse effects on the pump itself.

Also, a lot plays in to how you are have the returns plumbed in the tank. 600gph with just one nozzle that is static going back into the tank is a lot more than 600gph going through a rotating return, or even through two returns.