View Full Version : Aqualight Pro or OuterOrbit or other

09/23/2006, 09:53 AM
Hey everyone,
i have a 58gallon oceanic reef ready tank, and the time now comes to what lights to get. i was thinking of a complete hood system beings i do not have a canopy... yet. I plan on keeping a variety of corals from softies to LSP to SPS, though the SPS will probably later on down the road. so i am wondering if anyone as any insight on the Coralife Aqualight Pro or on the Current USA Outer Orbit. Also, any recommendations on other systems would be helpful. finally, if i do go with the aqualight pro, i have the choice of a 150w or a 250w HQI, i do not know which to go with, my tank is 36(L)x18(w)x21(H). thanks so much in advance.

09/24/2006, 07:50 PM
Any advice??? Anyone???!