View Full Version : Cleanup Crew

09/24/2006, 08:01 PM
Ok everyone....I'm getting ready to introduce the janitorial specialists to my new tank. I need some opinions here on what variety of critters to get for my tank.

Here is the livestock that I already own that is currently held at the LFS:

1 Tomato Clown
1 Yellow Tang
1 Red serpant star
1 Pencil Urchin
Green Button Polyps
Various Mushrooms

I brought in a black and red leg hermit, a red leg hermit and a nerite snail on my live rock.

I would love to mix and match shrimp if that's possible (something i've never researched).

I have an SSB that's about 2 inches or so that'll need cared for.
I'm up for anything, so give a collection that you think will suit my needs.