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10/06/2006, 08:10 PM
Call me an idiot ... but I’ve been running not 1 but 2 canister filters (Fluvial 403 and a Rena XP3) for about a year. I've been slowly phasing out the Fluval because maintaining it is a pain in the butt. After reading these forums... it turns out that canisters are not needed in a reef if enough live rock is present. I have about 65 Lbs. in a 55 Gallon setup. Running 3 power heads equal to about 600 gallons per hour turn over and (go ahead.... bring on the Seaclown insults) a Seaclone 100. I'm not worried about upgrading my skimmer. But suggestions would be appreciated. I guess my question is. Is 65 LBS. of liverock and a GOOD SKIMMER enough filtration for my tank? BTW my params are NItrate=0 Phosphate around 1 DKH=10 PH=8.4 Amonia =0 Nitrtite=0 and 1.023 SG. I run 130 w PC lights 8 HRS, Coralife RO for new water and topoff.

10/06/2006, 08:17 PM
O.k. Is running 2 canisters a bad idea?

10/06/2006, 08:27 PM
65 lbs of rock and a good skimmer (with more flow than you have now) will be good filtration for a reef tank. Canisters, wet/dry, and HOB filters are not good for reefs, because they give the chance of high nitrates and ime, usually do cause them. If you've got more than 1 lb of rock per gallon, you're usually good (unless you way overstock the tank)

Some people get away with no nitrates on canisters tho, as you seem to have yourself. But i really dont even like to risk it, you know? And running them isnt really gonna do anything because you've got enough rock...i run 60 lbs in my 55 and its all good.

But i would upgrade your skimmer...I've got an aqua c remora on my 55 and its awsome...got it for 70 bucks used here on reefcentral...selling forum. Check there if money is an issue.

But the only other problem i see is your sg...bump it up to 1.025 or so and you'll be good. :)


10/06/2006, 09:03 PM
good advise . Thanks sir_dudguy! But on that aqua C ... any regrets? ...Ive bought 2 skimmers so far and like so many others Ive spent over $200.00 and still only upgraded to a seaclown. No jokes please! ...What do you think of the Aqua C. Would you buy another for a second tank?