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10/06/2006, 11:25 PM
1) Has anyone used this?
2) Did it work?
3) Does it seem like its based on solid science, or is it more along the lines of "snake oil"?


Randy Holmes-Farley
10/07/2006, 06:55 AM
Quite a few people use it, and have been somewhat successful with it.

I think it may work in largely the same way as adding vodka or sugar: by driving bacterial growth and the bacteria use nutrients to build their bodies.

Does it seem like its based on solid science

The manufacturers claims read like, ...well, ...decide for yourself:

The AZ-NO3 (Absolute Zero - NitratesTM) product works entirely by aerobic Cellular Respiration on the target Nitrate molecule, which is then removed by the Protein Skimmer. The oxidoreductases necessary for these processes are the chemical mechanism of an enzyme action.

In the most simplest of explanations, AZ-NO3 can be considered an essential food, required by the active enzyme maltase that functions as a cellular respirator. The manufacturing process renders this product as an undesirable food to certain detrimental enzyme (amylase and invertase) that could uncontrollably proliferate in the aquarium.

Our product utilizes a specific enzyme in the maltase group to activate the oxidoreductases necessary to reduce nitrates by cellular respiration in the aquarium. The product itself does not contain this enzyme, but can be thought of more like a seed, a seed contains the germ (plant) and the food for the plant to grow. The mature plant then becomes the basic food product utilized.

The active ingredient in our product is Cozymase which functions in the oxidation of proteins and of many other compounds important in the intermediary metabolism and the resulting active enzyme Maltase in the aquarium. The Massecuite is food for both the Cozymase to develop and the resultant Maltase to thrive.