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10/07/2006, 09:19 AM
I have a 210g reef tank that is covered in algae. it is some form of hair algae but has become impossible to overcome. all my water parameters are fine lights are on only about 8 hrs. a day and i feed a small amount only every other day. I have scraped and pulled for a long time but then for a period of about a month i gave up and now it is covering anything there is to be covered. I am thinking about removing rock and rincing it with high pressure water and then replacing it and also doing a large water change, remove the coral and leave the lights on only about 3 hrs. Will this work? Does anyone have and Suggestions? Is there a more efficient way?

thank you for all your help

10/07/2006, 09:33 AM
Was just there, still wearing the tee-shirt. My 9 month old tank had gotten an attack of film algae that was calcifying to boot. I'd had previous bad experiences I blamed on an attempt at Phosban, and I got desperate enough to try it again.

Your size tank, I'd about recommend 2 jars of Phosban at once, well-washed [gently] in salt water: my delivery system is a women's knee high nylon filled with Phosban and knotted, set right above the return pump.

In a matter of days I was seeing both happier corals and fish, and a visible reduction in the amount and the tenacity of algae all over the tank.

10/07/2006, 02:34 PM
You can try Phosban or ROWAPhos...they have both worked well for me in the past, but of the 2 I prefer ROWAPhos.