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10/07/2006, 09:28 AM
not sure where to post this thread so here it is

i have a 65gallon hex acrylic tank, its a few years old and used to be used for cichlids before i got into saltwater. cichlids are notorious for moving around gravel in the tanks. gravel got built up on the bottom front of my tank and i am now left with white patchy stains on the acrylic. i think its calcium deposits. the longer its there the more it buggs me, and it doesnt want to come off. any suggestions of how to get rid of this, other than that the tank looks perfect except for about 3 inches from the bottom on the front of it. tryed some non scratching scotch brite pads, and useing a credit card as a scraper, but they were unsuccessfull. if theres a way i can do it without draining the tank that would be cool but if i hav to drain it to fix it then i guess ill drain it. any suggestions that would work would be greatly appreciated


10/07/2006, 10:08 AM
vinegar will remove calcium deposits, however i am not so sure if its good for acrylic or not... im sure others will chime in...

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