View Full Version : Help please...suggestions for my sump/fuge

10/23/2006, 11:59 AM
Well to briefly put it... I have a 29 gallon tank I want to use as a sump/fuge for my 90 fowlr.

Equipment involved:

euro reef cs6-2 skimmer foot print: about 10.5 x 13
return pump eheim 1060 7"l x 4.5" w
Fuge area..... well this is my concern... I know I have more than enough skimmer and reason for the purchase was the price was great for 200 shipped and I will eventually upgrade in the future, and my bioload will be slightly heavy.

Now for the fuge area is any size better than having nothing at all? Do I really need 3 baffles after the skimmer or can I get away with 2 to add that extra space to my fuge area?

I plan to place the return in the middle chamber and "T" off the drain between the skimmer chamber and fuge chamber.

Please advise what you think... thanks again ..


10/23/2006, 12:39 PM
Any 'fuge is better than none. I don't know about having the return in the middle, but I guess as long as you have a mild flow through the 'fuge, it should be o.k. Have you considered placing the skimmer outside of the sump? Have you considered having the return pump external?

The main problem I can see with having a very large skimmer is the extra heat from the pump. Having either pump outside of the water will decrease heat transfer to the water and give you more room to operate.

10/23/2006, 01:03 PM
Well the skimmer is in sump operation only... not a recirculating so outside is no option.... the return externally is possible but I would have to drill... and also find the pieces to convert from metric.

Anyone else?