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10/29/2006, 01:07 AM
I've read Randy's responses to Purigen questions. ingredients not listed, there is no scientific data. threrefore, he does not condone the use of it, fair enough.
I had a 4" fire goby dissapear for about 3 days. when I finally found what was left of him I immeadiatly checked all parms.

NH3/NH4 = 0.012-0.015 ppm
NO3 = 85-90 ppm
NO2 = barely detectable

I have no mech. filtration so carbon was out of the question. I do use a (MJ-1200) Remora skimmer. so, I bought a Purigen ($6.99) mesh/pouch and attached it to the output on the skimmer with a rubberband. MJ-1200 output is rated at 295 gph. it has been about 18 hours since installation and the results are:

NH3/NH4 = 0.007
NO3 = 20 ppm
NO2 = 0.0

Randy? I dont know what they put in it either but i have proof that it works. it also says it will treat a 100 gallon tank for 6 months before it needs recharging with 50/50 water/bleach soak for 24 hrs. rinse and soak with "Prime" or another type of dechlorinater for 12 hrs. rinse again, and reinstall. seems to me it would be less trouble to buy another one!

is there anyway Boomer or yourself can find out what the ingredients are? that $350,000.00 "what-ever-scope" thing ya'll use surely can tell us something. the suspence is killin' me and the cat, (wife doesnt care) hurry to the lab guy's. thanx for your time and have a beautiful rest of the weekend.


Randy Holmes-Farley
10/29/2006, 07:56 AM
FWIW, I 'm glad you liked the results, but I'm wary of what it might mean. I do also appreciate the post. :)

That said, I'll be a negative nanny for a bit...

Randy? I dont know what they put in it either but i have proof that it works.

Proof that it does what?

Nitrate kits are notoriously inaccurate, and a little nitrite shows up as a lot of nitrate with many kits (like Salifert). If you have ammonia, you may well have nitrite, and a small change in nitrite may be masquerading as a change in nitrate. Don't over rely on test kit results, especially if they are unusual or unexpected. Folks on this forum have shown that they turned lead into gold with test kits (or the reefer equivalents :D ). Seriously, I can tell in advance that many water chemistry problems are really testing problems, and that is often born out on close inspection.

Also, some additives seem to impair the ability of nitrate kits to accurately measure nitrate. I don't know if Purigen might contain anything like that or not.

10/29/2006, 08:49 AM
Het randy i was asking about nitrate levels the other day as mine won't go below 40. I use the jungle test strips, are these a good kit for nitrate testing? If not can you suggest a good one? Thanks for the advice.:)

Randy Holmes-Farley
10/29/2006, 09:30 AM
I'd probably avoid test strips in general, but I don't know how accurate those are. Salifert seems to have a decent nitrate kit, at least at the low end where I have checked it.