View Full Version : how to introduce another clown?

11/22/2006, 08:55 AM
i currently have a false percula, a firefish, a yellow clown goby, and a scooter blenny. i am moving at the end of this month in with my g/f, so i will be setting up a tank again. it will still be the 20H. i am getting rid of my YCG because he always gets sucked up into my overflow, and i am going to be using starboard, so i will no longer have the necessary food in the sand for the scooter blenny. i will have my firefish and my clown. i would like to get another clown and just have two clowns and a firefish, as i am going to be taking A LOT of my rock out and sumping it with the other rock i have in there that way the fish will have a lot more open water because right now it is almost cluttered with rock. the clown i have now is about 1.5''. how big or small of a clown would i need to get to introduce into the new tank in order for them to become opposite sexes, AND live peacefully together...if that is an option...

11/22/2006, 10:33 AM
Read this, its the faq at the top of the forum, about clownfish, all your answers are in here.