View Full Version : T5 Retro Kit Avail - Question For Jeremy

11/24/2006, 12:54 AM

Hey, I am close to placing an order for lighting for my 240 Gallon Tank (96 X 24 X 25)

I found everything I need but at a different e-tailer. I want to order from premiumaquatics because you guys rock (my first order from your store will be in Monday and I orderd almost $1,500 worth of stuff!).


Here's what I am looking for:

1 Icecap 48" 8 Lamp T5 Retro Kit
(you have this on your site at the same price so this is no problem)

1 Sunlight Tek Light T5 RETRO - 48" x 8 bulb
(this isn't showing on your website, only the x 2 bulb product

Can you get the x 8 bulb Tek retro kit?

If so can the Tek Reflectors be upgraded to IceCap Reflectors? Meaning I could get a credit for the Tek Reflectors and use it towards the IceCap Reflector upgrades?

Let me know. Thanks.

Jeremy B.
11/27/2006, 12:00 PM

Sorry for the delayed response, as we were out of the office through the holiday weekend.

The 8 bulb Tek Retro is actually nothing more than purchasing four of the Tek 2 x 54w retros. Some sites are just selling them as an 8 bulb retro, and putting them together in a bundle. We can sell them the same way, and could match the price of the place that I assume you found it at with your choice of bulbs as well.

If you'd like, we should be able to swap out to the Icecap reflectors with this as well. The only difference would be the cost between the two then.

If you have any questions please let us know.