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11/24/2006, 04:01 AM
OK. OK. I fell a big spend coming on.

Just wanted to ask questions before taking the plunge on this unit to understand what it can and can't do.

Well I was going to buy a PH controller and Redox controller and after doing the sums I am thinking that I will be better of with an aquatronica system.

Let me give you some back ground on the setup.

I am setting up a live rock importing business and plan on curing 1000kg per month of rock. Setup is 2 1000 Gal vats with a BIG Grotech HEA400 skimmer with Ozone and lots of circulation in the vats. Natural saltwater will be used and that is it. I am based in Ireland so working with the UK spec stuff.

So for the controller.

Controller, Plug Bar PH interface + PH probe - standard
Temp / level sensor
Redox interface + USB cable
Density interface + USB cable

Redox probe
Density probe

Now do i need the PC interface? I assume this is for firmware updates? - More to spend here I guess to get USB working.
What is the Active Hub - Do I need this - Assuming yes.

To program this baby is it done via a PC or on the unit.

Here is what I want to do with the controller.
If water level is low - check Density - if salinity = high - turn on power to pump in RO bucket.
If water level is low - check Density - if salinity = OK - turn on power to pump in SW bucket.
I assume the controller will turn on and off the power sockets? If I can do it this way then i won't need the dosing pump.

If ORP > 450 - turn off Ozone generator

As I will not be having a calcium reactor on the system No need for rules with a CR.

I am assuming I can add variables to the inline heaters to turn off if they go awol - but thinking the controller on the heating unit should do this.

The SMS module will be great once available as I will not be at the site all the time. Will be able to get someone to check it if I get the SMS.

How many power bar's do I need for this setup?
Also where is the right place to place the probes? - Level sensor will be in the sump but what about the other readings?

If there is somewhere I can read up more on this please just send a link and I do the research there. I am sure I can get a little support from the board as you all seem overwhelmed with this technology.

Thanks in advance.


11/24/2006, 04:03 AM
Forgot to add to the above.

With the PC module can i get graphs of - daily / weekly / monthly ??
I read someone asking about memory upgrade to store the info. If it is available it would be a great feature.

11/24/2006, 01:12 PM
Luckily for you, with the new XY programming function you can do the salinity vs water level programs so your in luck! Keep in mind that Salinity probes need cleaning at least every 2 weeks to be used accurately. All other programs you mentioned like ORP are easily done.

You need a PC interface to update the Firmware and it also allows you to setup the controller on the PC screen, you can also setup the controller directly using the LCD screen and buttons.

Each power bar has 6 USB ports so you don't really need a Active hub.

I think the 220V UK powerbars have 6 plugs, so you will need to decide based on that how many power bars you need. I place probes in sump in an area were they get the least light and water turbulence.

On www.aquatronica.com you can find Brochures and complete user manuals (Not updated yet for yesterdays new release including XY function and ethernet, dosing pump)

You can get graphs but you have to decide if you want Daily/weekly/monthly. You cant have all three at once, you basically set each sensor eg pH for daily, it will store readings every 30 minutes. Weekly is every 3 hours and I cant remember the Interval on Monthly. For startup I set mine at daily and as tank stabilizes I switch to weekly. No idea about memory upgrade but it may be possible as an expansion module in the future.

Whew I hope I got all your questions answered.