View Full Version : Sick Fish?

11/27/2006, 04:27 PM
I have 2 false perculas that were doing fine and now seem to be acting weird. One is staying in one location of the tank and is swimming real slow but looks normal. The other had his dorsal fin injured in transport but seems to be good. Real active and gets all excited when he sees me and swims around all over the place. But he has what looks to be peeling skin or some other thin white substance around his dorsal fin. Should I be worried about either one of these? Water parameters are good. They have both been eating but not much. I have only tried flake, but I am going to try some mysis tonight to see if I can intice some feeding. Any advice would be appreciated.


11/27/2006, 11:48 PM
my clowns tear the mysis up. If anything would get them to eat, that should do it. How long hae you had them? It sometimes take up to a week for them to get comfortable with their surroundings and start swimming around much. My maroon clown that I have now had for over a year, when I first got her I thought for sure she was going to be dead by morning because of this behavior. But anyway, she was fine and eventually started acting "normal", that is as normal as a clown fish can act! LOL I am not sure about the fin or whte substance, just keep a close watch on it, if it seems to get worse or not better, I would be looking into getting some form of treatment for it.