View Full Version : Pairing of True Percula Clownfish

11/28/2006, 01:38 PM
Can I put two small / mid size true perc in the same tank? Currently, the LFS has them on a separate display tank and I'd like to buy both and see if I can pair them up in my reef tank.

Let me know your thought in this.

11/28/2006, 01:44 PM
yea should be ok i have a method for doing this also are they the same size or different are they in the tanks alone if you have two fish that have been alone for a while they may both be female and it would not work so i will tell you the surefire trick if you tell me the sizes of them if they are both small like under and inch and a half you should be ok but body size in clowns is important

11/28/2006, 02:08 PM
Both of the Perc's are about 1" - 1 and 1/4" - they've only been in the LFS for about 1 week.

11/28/2006, 02:41 PM
ok should work hopefully they will both be sexless but at that size there is a chance they are females what i would do is buy a specimin container to hang on the tank release one into the tank one into the container with holes in it not big holes just so water mooves thru let them sit in there for two days on the third day swith out put the one thats been in the container in the tank and the one in the tank in the container wait one more day and release them and i what you will see is two clowns who are intersested in eachoter as apposed to clowns who want to fight if they start to tear eachoter up or lock mouths then they should probobly be seperated again i dont like how many who try this just let their clowns duke it out its cruel and unusual