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11/30/2006, 12:52 AM
I've got a 3-month old 185gallon tank, originally was to be fish-only, stocked w/ fiji liverock with lots of caves, and a 2foot snowflake, a couple big tangs, a big wrasse, a flame angel, a puffer. Now it's a peaceful reef, all the original fish are gone save the eel, and i've added about 30 smallish friendly fish (except a cow and a juvenile dragon wrasse) and 15 various corals. My local store is advising I yank the eel as it is a potential predator and puts out a lot of waste. I would like to keep it as it is great fun. He eats off a feeding stick and has left his tankmates alone to date, other than almost eating them accidentally during feeding time.

When the tank was originally configured they scheduled me for once-a-month maintenance (water changes etc.), and the eel was in there at the time. Now they tell me i would have to do once-a-week water changes, all of a sudden they're concerned the eel is wasting things up. They keep changing their story every time I go in there, and frankly every book and internet site I read says something different; I am new to the hobby and don't know what is reality.

Can I keep the eel, with twice-monthly water changes? If so, what precautions or special care should I take?

11/30/2006, 02:11 AM
altho I'm sure you would like a reply directly from Dr. Marini, these (RKMag) forums are not frequented much, so you may not receive a response ...

there are experienced hobbyists that could help you with this in these 2 forums: