View Full Version : filter sponge after sand bed?

12/04/2006, 04:47 PM
the place that plumbed my tank had put 2 blue filter sponges in my fuge. one, as the water comes in from tank, and the other as the water comes from the deep sand bed section, to the final return section. i added some reef pods to tank and to fuge and was told i should not have any obstructed flow between the sand bed part and the return (althoughthe most return pumps will have some filter pad on it anyway, right?) well....when i took the 2nd filter sponge out, my pump was pulling all the debree that was being stirred up in 3rd stage from the strong flow there because the filter pad was keeping the turbulence down from the water going into the 3rd stage (return from skimmer was going there). the pad softened the flow from the skimmer return. should i not have the filter pad there? do most of you have a filter pad after the refugium section? i think i would rather not have all the debree and keep the sponge there. things have been doing so well with it there and when i took it out for a day, my tank was full of debree coming from return pump. what to do??