View Full Version : Recommendation of Clam species

07/12/2002, 12:56 PM
I have had a reef tank for 6 years but never had a clam. I find
them fascinating though and would like to purchase one. Is their a clam that you would recommend thats hardy yet beautiful.

Thanks for your article. I enjoyed it.

Mark :D

07/12/2002, 01:07 PM
Croceas and maximas come in fancier colors - but my experience has been that derasas tend to be the hardiest of the bunch. I'd try one of them first, and if successful, try some others.

While you shop, watch out for "sick" clams. Be sure a clam is expanding well, and reacts to the shadow of your hand passing overhead, and/or to a light touch. If the clam just sits there and doesn't react to either, especially with the shell opened wide, choose another.

Best of luck