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ReefJerk 07/22/2006 06:38 PM

FS: 125 gallon NON RR tank
$200 delivered local. If you want to pick it up, make me an offer.

ReefJerk 07/23/2006 02:57 PM

okay, $150.

ReefJerk 07/24/2006 03:15 PM

Somebody make me an offer. I need to get rid of this.

rekn 07/25/2006 08:01 AM

post a pic

ReefJerk 07/25/2006 08:45 AM


<a href=showthread.php?s=&postid=7808803#post7808803 target=_blank>Originally posted</a> by rekn
post a pic
will do. it'll be this evening, because i work in denver

rekn 07/28/2006 10:54 AM


ReefJerk 07/28/2006 02:11 PM

i promise to post a pic tonightg. my wife was out of town until last night with the digital camera. it will probably be sometime around 6 or so.

ReefJerk 07/28/2006 05:21 PM

ReefJerk 07/28/2006 05:22 PM

it just needs a little cleanup. mostly calcium deposits and some dust :)

ReefJerk 08/08/2006 08:49 PM

any offers?

Questin 08/15/2006 02:56 PM

So it's a standard 6 foot tank, but the older style with the very strong glass center brace?

ReefJerk 08/15/2006 03:19 PM

that's correct

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