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kjonulak 01/06/2016 11:57 AM

Remote sump questions
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Been reading some of your sump articles. I am building a house and I have the opportunity to have a remote sump for my future SW reef aquarium. I haven't ordered the aquarium yet but it will be between 200-300 gallons. The builder will install drain and return lines under the concrete slab. (See image)
Here are the details:
Equipment room will be 36 feet from aquarium in a straight line.
I would like to have some type of silencer device (bean/Herbie,etc)
Equipment room will be 4-6" below slab level.
Builder said he could make part of the floor 12" lower. Not sure if I can go any lower.
I can install multiple lines under the floor for drain and return.
The top of the sump will not be lower than the drain lines, can I plumb the drain line to enter the sump on the side vs over the top? Can these line come in under the water level of the sump and fill the sump from the bottom up?
This is the most important question. I've been told not to have water flow uphill.
I have a bunch of other questions, but if I can't come in low and I can't go uphill with the lines then this isn't going to work.

Thanks in advance for your time. Ken

Simple design. There would be multiple lines.

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