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deuceman 08/01/2002 09:16 PM

I'm contemplating setting up an octopus tank, and have a question...

Are there any fish that are compatable with octopus? For example, i was thinking a lionfish or trigger fish.


jimichonga 08/01/2002 10:27 PM

Sorry, but no fish is compatible with an Octo. It will see them as food, so bye bye fishy. It could possibly even get hurt going after a Lionfish, so I wouldn't try that one.

I have a long spined urchin in with my octo and they do fine together. Star-fish are also compatible with an octo, but I wouldn't try a chocolate chip star. I've had 2 of them in my FO tank with no problem, but I've heard horror stories of them attacking fish. I don't think they would hurt an octo, but they could stress it out.

deuceman 08/01/2002 11:48 PM

Well thats really too bad to hear. I was really hoping that a larger sized lionfish or trigger might be enough to ward off an octo. Might have to reconsider.

As far as the chocolate chip starfish goes, I had one for a while, and he never caused any problems with my fish. The problem was after I introduced corals to the tank, he seemed determined to try and snack on my hammer coral. It was actually sort of funny to watch. He would try to crawl on the coral, and get stung, making him curl up for half an hour or so. Then he would seem to forget that he got stung, apparently star fish half a short term memeory, anf try again...didnt take much of this to make me decide to return him to the pet store.

I'm still going to concider the octo tank, because i really am interested in them, but might have to re-design it now...

Thanks for the info,

jimichonga 08/02/2002 10:55 AM

Just to give you a taste on how aggressive these "suckers" are, here is a link to a video of an Octo at the Seattle Aquarium.
If you don't have the ability to watch it Ill sum it up for you:

They moved their Octo into another (larger) tank that housed sharks and other large fish, thinking it would be safe. But something strange happened, about once a week they were finding 3-4 foot long, dead sharks on the bottom of the aquarium. So they had an employee stay up one night to film what was taking place. (link below) The film shows the Octo stocking and then attacking/wrestling a large shark. The comment at the end of the clip pretty much sums it up, " Gives new meaning to top predator"

You'll need RealPlayer to watch the video.



Death Shrimp99 08/04/2002 07:15 PM

Do you think it would be possible to put a fast fish that stays at the top of the tank? because it seems hard for an octo to catch a fish high in mid-water.

jimichonga 08/04/2002 09:46 PM

My octo has no trouble catching fish where ever they are. He'll launch himself from the sand and snag the fish at the surface of the water with no problem. They may seem slow, but trust me they're not.

joeyd 08/05/2002 07:47 AM

just 'bout anemones in an octo tank? other than the stinging possibility, they should be compatible right?

joeyd 08/05/2002 07:54 AM

just 'bout anemones in an octo tank? other than the stinging possibility, they should be compatible right?

SushiGirl 08/05/2002 09:29 AM

Most anemones need good lighting also, using photosynthesis to feed. Anemones are also usually hard to keep alive. I did see some rather large anemones in an octo tank at an aquarium, but the octos were also quite large and these were all cold water species.

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