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Phill notts 12/09/2021 12:19 PM

Red dragon x pump 40w
I brought the red dragon x pump 40 watt and on the back of the pump it says adjustable dc skimmer pump and max wattage 30 watt

On the royal exclusiv website the picture of the 40 watt pump says
adjustable dc delivery pump max wattage 40 watt

have I received the wrong pump?

Thank you

slief 12/09/2021 05:04 PM

It’s the 40w. The motor and power supply were changed and apparently the controller still bares the original label. I will have to talk to our factory about that but I suspect they made the change and upgraded the inventory without changing the labels on the controllers. If it is the skimmer pump, the intake nozzle won’t have the fitting and the smaller RDX pumps all share the same controllers. Impellers, pump covers/volutes and power supplies are the main differences.

Phill notts 12/10/2021 10:53 AM

Oh ok
This is the pump
Thanks for your help

slief 12/14/2021 08:24 AM

Sorry for not replying sooner. For some reason I am not getting email notifications of new replies from reef centeral. That said, the skimmer pump on that model draws 30w vs the flow drawing a bit more. I am double checking with our factory as to why that one slipped through with a skimmer pump label vs the delivery/flow pump label. The motors, power supply and controllers are the same with both models. The impellers and pump covers are the main difference between the two and the max wattage changes as a result of the impeller and load difference when drawing air/water mix on the skimmer which has less density vs more dense water only on a flow pump.

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