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Fishoguy 01/24/2015 04:18 AM

Seeking advice on my clownfish
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new to saltwater marine fish, and am extremely paranoid and scared of loosing them, tank has been cycled for approx 3months 93l tank) have coral/Rock clowns & a sailfin tang, my concern is that it appears that around the female clowns anus it seems to almost be rotting away , looking abnormaly large in my opinion , and male clown has what appears to me a growth or has been bitten behind the right fin , any advice that can put my mind to ease to as what's happening would get me a good nights sleep . I've attempted to try upload photos not sure if they've uploaded still working out this great forum

Puffyluv 01/24/2015 06:30 AM

I'm not sure if this happens with clowns, but many female fish sort of extend their genitals when ready to mate. Could be this? Maybe a clownfish breeder can pipe up...I do coral, lol...;)

I'm sorry, couldn't see the growth under the fin you are talking about....they look great to me! :)

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