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funloven 06/21/2006 12:08 PM

I just read your article on MH Lighting Components and I have a couple of very basic questions and my questions, I'm sure, will give you an idea of my very limited knowledge base at this time.

When you refer to the Core & Coil type ballast you mention the "coil, capacitator, and igniter, if necessary" . What is the "if necessary" part? Do not all Core & Coil need an igniter?

Do you need a seperate ballast for each MH?

I have read that the ballast can be located away from the MH. With the Core & Coil I am guessing that the ballast and light must be connected by a wire? But there is not a direct wire connection with the Electronic ballast?

How far away can the ballast be located from the MH?

Thanks for the help! :rollface:

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