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coralreef2008 01/25/2009 10:13 AM

Thank you! / Welcome
Thank you to all the people who braved this frigid weather to bing items and participate in yesterdays meeting!! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

Welcome to our new members! I look forward to having you at our meetings and all the activities we are planning!!


viperdragon666 01/27/2009 07:49 PM

I am sorry that i didnt get to make it we had some family thing come up last min. I do plan on making it to a meeting so i can meet everyone. Sounds like u all had a good time. Hope the next one is the same. Jeremiah

johnike 01/28/2009 05:47 AM

Hey Jer, hows the frags doing? John

coralreef2008 01/28/2009 07:41 AM

Hi Jerimiah! Sorry you missed this one but there will be others so don't sweat it. Hope you had fun at your family gathering!


viperdragon666 01/28/2009 05:31 PM

hey john the frags are doing great i love them and my light is fixed so everything is great. just looking to add a small sump but cant find one small enough to fit under the tank.

Angela i did have fun with the family but i bet i would have had more fun there lol and ill be waiting for the next meeting

coralreef2008 01/29/2009 08:35 AM

Hey Jeremiah, you know you can build a sump out of a fish tank. I am sure you can get one small enough to fit under your tank. Let me know if you need more info on this or any help.


johnike 01/29/2009 02:58 PM

Yeah Jer, look at my sump, just a 55 I baffled up. If you need help, holler. Glad the frags are doing good. Now that your lights are fixed, frags part two? John

viperdragon666 01/29/2009 06:28 PM

ya i think it is time for frag part two just dont know when ill have time to get them. but the reason im having problems with a sump is size. need skinny and tall. but if i need help i will let u know. Jeremiah

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