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reefrefresh 07/24/2015 10:37 AM

Anybody out there?
Im just trying to locate any like minded, reef crazy, groups or individuals
in my area. In the process of setting up a 65 gallon reef and always looking for
suggestions or advice. Are there any gatherings in the New England area
maybe, if not specifically in NH? Thanks in advance.

Drewl117 08/20/2015 08:22 AM

I am in NH. New to reef central but not to reefing.

shawnriv 09/17/2015 09:17 AM

Anyone Looking to Buy a Tank?
I have an Innovative Marine AIO that's in fantastic condition. Comes with upgrades and accessories. Please let me know; I'll give more details.

nuvuku 10/15/2015 03:40 PM

Hey! Im near providence RI

Jgreen77 12/17/2015 07:14 PM

Hi I am new to salt water aquariums, I have a rsm 130d it's been running for about 9 months. I had some problems in the beginning, has been going good now. I just upgraded the lights to led the corals seem to like it they are as big as ever. I have a mcculochi clownfish and some snowflakes.

Jgreen77 12/17/2015 07:15 PM

Hi I'm in NH

Drewl117 12/26/2015 06:57 AM

I guess not to many people look here. Anyone else in NH?

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