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FreshyFresh86 03/23/2006 12:19 PM

Good Fish Stores around the metro area
Does anyone have a list of good fish stores around the metro area, I know Aquiatic Discoverys on 15 mile, Ocean and Sea's on gratiot, and thats basicly it. Any one got some good places to check out?

dfcjr 04/01/2006 05:17 PM

Stingray Bay is on 9 mile rd. between kelly and gratiot.rigth across from taco bell.Greenwoods pets and plants is on 9 mile between hayes and groesbeck.Stingray bay is probably the more knowledgeable and trustworthy just make sure you talk to one of the older guys(no offense ladies but theres some pretty young girls working there)

dfcjr 04/01/2006 05:19 PM

ive been going to oceans and seas for over ten years now because its local but ive gotta say they have the highest prices.

dfcjr 04/01/2006 05:20 PM

they also have the most reef stuff though.

patedship 04/17/2006 02:36 PM

If you goto Lansing they have Preuess pet shop which is the largest fish store in mid michigan, they have everything that you need, prices are alittle high!

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