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fitch4 02/25/2009 07:45 AM

Northeast Frag Swap!
Jon from CTARS here!
Just letting you guys know about the Frag Farmer's Market I am running at the school that I teach at. I run a coral propagation project at the school in northeast CT(~1200+ gallons and growing!). I have a bunch of local "farmers" who will be setting up tanks to sell their stuff. You should be able to pick up anything from mushrooms and softies to high end SPS and LPS frags. The whole idea is to offer a venue for all of us to stock our tank with the more eco-friendly aquacultured specimens, plus we all love cheap frags!!! I know it is a bit of a drive but should be worth it! We ran this last year and it went great and we would love to have you come out for it!
You can check out the "teaser pics" from my stuff (and hopefully others too) at:[/URL]

I do have some space left if anyone is interested in setting up a tank at the event. Just let me know before the 14th!

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