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Bojan 03/10/2004 08:07 AM

Tide simulation
I am very satisfied with my Tunze Stream, which is automaticaly rotated for Tide simulation with Belimo LM24. My implementation is described in the following article.

Tarasco1 03/10/2004 05:54 PM

Nice article.

H20ENG 03/10/2004 08:02 PM

I love HVAC parts!:D

Tunjee 03/10/2004 08:54 PM

Very nice, good use of low voltage!

dragon_slayer 03/10/2004 09:21 PM

just curious why not add a second stream to the 7094 which has a built in tide simulation feature?

conciderably less hassel and less clutter. and best of all less to break.


Bojan 03/11/2004 06:56 AM

Multi-controller 7094 supports this function, but pumps are switched on or off alternately. According to my opinion Tide mode is possible realized with multi-controller and Tunze Stream pumps. If you program multi-controller to Tide mode, pump will be switched off and there is a problem. When pump is switched of, it is possible that small fish will enter in pump and will be damaged when pump will be switch on again.

But on the other hand Tide mode (6 hours) together with pulse mode (waves) is the most natural combination, so that is the most important reason, why I searched for another solution.

I have transformer for 2 pumps 120VA, multicontroller and I also tested system with two pumps, but I found out that rotating is better solution.

According to may test, I have better water flow with one rotating Tunze Stream then with two fixed Tunze Streams.

I agree, that on the other hand, you only need to buy two Streams and one multicontroller and no additional work is required.
In my sollution , there is also some DIY, but you will get additional bonus (only one pump in aquarium). Tunze Stream pums are quite big.

grim 03/11/2004 09:51 AM

I've been thinking about this for some time now, very cool, I *AM* going to do this.


dragon_slayer 03/11/2004 01:22 PM


great explination.


Bojan 03/12/2004 06:04 AM

Roger Vitko gave me information, that pump protection is also implemented in transformer, so it is better that we use Tunze transformers (12V,16V and 20V for Europe)

Unresistible Blue 10/09/2004 04:43 AM

What was the overall cost of your set up?

How has your system performed in terms of holding up to corrosion?

Bojan 10/11/2004 07:55 AM


Originally posted by Unresistible Blue
What was the overall cost of your set up?

Overall cost of my set up is 345 EURO.

1x Tunze Stream 6000 (200 EURO),

1x 2x ? V transformer , (15 EURO) (optional)

1x Belimo LM24 (65 EURO),

1x Tunze SingleController (50 EURO)in

controller used for rotating Belimo. LM24 (2 Ch. Timer 15 EURO).

I use my aquarium controller for rotating Belimo. LM24. Two reley outputs are used for rotate clockwise and rotate anti clockwise.

Simple timer can be also used for rotating Belimo.


Originally posted by Unresistible Blue

How has your system performed in terms of holding up to corrosion?

Belimo LM 24 has some parts , which are rustable, so you have to protect Belimo LM 24 against marine water. I protected Belimo LM24 with plastic casing.

wlagarde 05/19/2006 08:31 AM

Hey Bojan -

Can you proviude some specifics about the toroid transformers you tried? Where did you get them from...manufacturer, part numbers, specs? Also, is the original 12V 20VA Stream 6000 transformer a 6-0-6 or 12-0-12 centertap toroid? i.e. if you measure the output voltage from the original 12V tansformer from either end of the secondary winding to the center tap is it 6 or 12V A/C or if you measure the secondary winding end to end is it 12 or 24V A/C? The reason I ask is mine transformer failed and I wish to replace with a substitute...

Best Regards, Bill L

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