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AlgaeFix Marine to control Hair Algae

I decided to give AlgaeFix Marine a try. I will be starting today (3/10/2009) and post the results. My phosphate reading is zero using Salifert & Hach PO-19 kits. My Nitrate reading is 0.2 and declining using a Salifert Kit. I am currently dosing sugar.

I actually looked at the microalgae under a stereoscope I have (40X). From the pictures and data I have been able to find, it appears to be a type of hair algae, which does not really say a whole lot. The cells appear to be more square with rounded corners and form long non-branching green filaments.

These are pictures of what it looks like in my tank today, before any applications of AlgaeFix Marine. I will be following the recommended dosage rates and directions.

Cliff Babcock

Intestests: Digital Microscopy; Marine Pest Control; Marine Plants & Macroalgae

Current Tank Info: 180 g. mixed reef system
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