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My current water parameters are:

Temp: 78
pH: 7.8 (I have a new probe on order. I am not certain on this)
SG: 1.0264 (refractometer)
Calcium: 430 (Salifert)
Mag: 1440 (Salifert)
Nitrate: 0.2 (Salifert)
Phosphate: 0 (Salifert & Hach PO-19)
Amonia: 0 (Salifert)
20,000K Radium bulbs (two 400W metal halides)
Using Rodi water and kalk in my top-off
Water circulation is very good.

Cliff Babcock

Intestests: Digital Microscopy; Marine Pest Control; Marine Plants & Macroalgae

Current Tank Info: 180 g. mixed reef system
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