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Update for my AlgaeFix Marine trial:

I have completed 5 doses at the recommended label directions rate. I stopped dosing sugar. I stopped GFO & carbon reactors per some of Randy's concerns about this product (Randy does have other concerns). I have cut back feeding my fish drastically during this time. I am using the 20,000 K Radium bulbs. I have fish and a mixed assortment of corals. I have a RBTA. I have snails, but no shrimp or crabs. My nitrates and phosphates are unreadable. My other water parameters are all within the recommended guidelines. My lights are on for 10 hrs a day.

At this point (5 doses) the dark green algae or cyano pest that I have is about 90% gone. The purple cyanobacteria that I have is still present, but seems to have been reduced. I can see my rock for the first time in a long time.

I plan to continue the dosing of AlgaeFix at the same rate and see if it can eradicate both of my pests.

Cliff Babcock

Intestests: Digital Microscopy; Marine Pest Control; Marine Plants & Macroalgae

Current Tank Info: 180 g. mixed reef system
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