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Yesterday, my stand finally arrived! I'm very happy with it as it was the look I was going for. Unfortunately, the builder wanted to cut the holes for the plumbing at my apartment, so I had to do some vacuuming before setting everything into place.

Here it is as delivered. It's made out of walnut, real nice quality wood.

A friend had struck upon the idea to make the stand deeper than the tank, and drill the top for the two plumbing lines. This gives the significant advantage - in such a small tank - of adding an extra 5" of depth for the sump, it is unnoticeable from the front. Here are the holes drilled in the top:

When you line up the plumbing from the tank, it looks like thus:

And the tank on the stand:

Moving onto the interior. I requested it be painted white as I much prefer that look, makes it easier to see inside, and looks much cleaner.

Here is the top shelf where I plan on placing the Proflux III and Profilux dosing unit. You can see that there are also two holes for the plumbing through the shelf as well. The shelf is adjustable on pegs much like a bookcase. The hole out of the back is to run electrical wires.

And finally the sump area, with another electrical wire hole. Ideally, wires will be more or less invisible/out of the way behind the sump back wall.

Here is the skimmer for size reference:

Return pump and plumbing came today too. The 1/2" black tubing is acceptable, but the 1" is too inflexible. I'll need to order another length of 1" from Lifereef, I've never found more flexible tubing.

Next step: the custom sump!



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