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I recently restarted my 50 gallon reef and shortly after developed a bloom of ostreopsis dinoflagellates (identified by a microbiologist), a mixotrophic, highly toxic species. So, I once again restarted the tank after a month. After removing corals and fish, I massively overdosed the tank with peroxide to kill the dinos and am now waiting for things to settle down. During the tank's first inception, the dinos made a brief, very limited appearance and then disappeared. Something wasn't agreeable to them. If I looked under a microscope, I'd see a few individual dinos. But no blooms. I assume trace elements in the freshly mixed salt water might have had something to do with their resurgence.

Freshwater kills dinos instantly, so from now on, I'm going to perform a freshwater dip on each new specimen for a few seconds prior to its introduction to the tank.

Have you tried hydrogen peroxide dosing at 1ml per 10 gallons of water? It works wonders for many with dinos. I also tried Ultra Algae X and it didn't do much other than slow down the growth a little.

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