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there is a huge thread about in on page two of the nanos forum. you should read it to see how many different corals and application techniques we use.
pico reef pest algae challenge thread
Im working on a very successful cure with it right now at nano too

we have examples of it simply not working for dinos, and then an easy cure in other tanks. it ranges.

there are also myriad examples of success without it like using algaefix marine, or lights out + pH boosts you can read about on this forum.

the important thing to know is if any method was best we'd all be using it. the variance out there indicates the need by the consumer for a range of options, so read the thread and see if it will work for your tank.

some in here hate the method and would never use it, our thread shows opposite preferences and outcomes, so take from it what you will like anything else online

the main benefit of the thread is being able to predict which benthic and pelagic and vert/invert animals in our tank will tolerate the attempt. the thread is choc full of that kind of work.

most of the treatments in that thread are in tank with corals. two types of animals to stay away from when using any dose of peroxide are lysmata and pep cleaner shrimp and anems like sebae, heteractis etc

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