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those rascals are so iffy

we have some fixes with peroxide and some no go thats for sure...some in that other thread were even using marine algae fix on them with results sometimes. I dont think its strongly repeatable across tanks, dinos are such a bad invader I hope I never get them. being finished stocking a tank really helps though, no more import vectors. these huge tanks are nearly unending frag importers lol. we zapped what -may- have been dinos in this nano tank but instead of full tank dosing it was a direct rock treatment, pretty good kill. The in tank runs where you can't power zap and more 50 50, get us some pics if you can!

I also have to state that instead of dosing the tank on top, we not stop circulation and underwater spot inject the same amount for that extra contact time across the target. huge increase. we even use concentrators now made of saran wrap, or various plastic bell ends etc.

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