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After 11 days of dosing AlgaeX as directed by Fauna Marin there is no change at all in the dinoflagellates population.
I had high hopes for this, but disappointment is sinking in. I even added 3 days of darkness after a week of no results.

The information from the manufacturer is on a need to know basis only so I'll have to do the full 21 days duration to be sure.
There is still a spec of hope that there will be an accumulative effect and at some point the dinos will start to suffer.

In 10 days I have tried everything there is to try on this subject.

Is there anyone on Reef Central that can and is willing to identify dinos from a photo taken with a proper microscope?

Here is an image at roughly 25X magnification from life size.
They are brown, stringy, twirl and produce small bubbles that gather into larger ones that raise to the surface.

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