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Very nice post Squidmotron

I agree the lack of solid information and the fact there are no concrete solutions to the problem is very frustrating.
After all that I have done to minimize them it seems like there is no cure this tank disease.
The theories that pop up are endless and many so far fetched it ridiculous. I did try the overfeeding one too by the way for a few weeks.
I have nothing against algae since it's a big part on healthy reefs. I just prefer most of it to be in the sump.
There is some microalgae in the tank, but the dinos seem to be keeping it down as well as the macroalgae.

We are like cancer patients discussing the symptoms and there are similarities between these two.

- - -

Bertoni I don't know what you mean by the bacterial statement.
The whole picture covers about half square inch and bacteria would be much smaller.
These brown specs can be seen with a naked eye given then right conditions.
The photo was taken with a 100mm macro lens through another 50mm inverted lens as well giving around 25x magnification from life size.
I did cover the tank during the first darkness period, but this last one was only to help out the AlgaeX which only asks you to reduce the light.

- - -

I did try to involve two local cold sea dino experts, but they didn't even bother to reply to my request. I think I may have found knowledgeable people to help me out with a good microscope. Dinos are quite unique and I think they are easily identified as a species, but I'd like mine to be pinpointed.

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