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Guys I feel your pain,

I changed my very sucessful 2x2x2 SPS cube to a 36x24x20, rimless, braceless optiwhite tank last December.

On the new tank I replaced all the live rock with fresh fiji rock and a new sandbed, splashed out and got LED's to replace my T5's and once the initial cycle was finished transfered over all my live stock.

The Dino's started to appear about 6 weeks after the transfer. Water changes, syphon them out, cut back on lighting & feeding, nothing changed.

In April I took by sandbed out and replaced it, they came back in bigger numbers. My Acro's were getting hit hard, dynos on the tips.

I changed my skimmer, pipework, heater, bulbs, nothing worked. I did a 5 day blackout, nothing.

At the start of August having lost almost all my SPS, I broke the tank down, selling off almost all of what was left. I did keep my true percs, I got a 60l tank, transfered live rock and sand from the tank to the holding tank and guess what, no dyno's..... nothing, not a trace.

I got a new custom made cube and as I type this I am mixing up water with the intention of starting the cycle on Sunday.

It beat me... Dyno's 1, Reefer 0

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