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Originally Posted by mandrieu View Post
As a technology guy, which I am, it strikes me we can send men to space but we can't figure out how to beat these microscopic little things. Amazing.
Philosophically I agree with you (I'm in technology as well). The problem is, a truly exact approach would require far more analysis, work and money than anyone would ever consider reasonable. You'd need a positive ID of your specific dino strain(s) via DNA, a profile of the major strains of bacteria living in your system (and in particular, what bacteria are living in symbiosis with the dinos), and a thorough analysis of your tank chemistry. Then, armed with that data and PhD's in marine microbiology and organic chemistry, you could develop a specific plan of attack. But you'd have to continually monitor all those parameters as you began the treatment regimen and modify it as you go, because the tank is a complex organic system and will react in unpredictable ways. This is no doubt a lot like the world oncologists live in.

When it comes down to it, practical knowledge and experience are far more useful than theory in solving problems like this. Unfortunately, those come at the cost of great pain over time. But look at it this way - if you beat them, someone will eventually be asking YOU for advice about dinos in their tank!

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