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I have made some significant progress by dosing mb7 and no/pox. I am on my third water change and i don't see any signs of dinos. I also ran cuprisorb in my tank for about a month during this process. I am now just running carbon in a reactor. I also have a kalk reactor that i added along the way. I have my lights up to full cycle as well. I am dosing only 3 ml of no/pox and 20 ml of the mb/7 each day in a 140g tank. I also feed pretty heavy as the carbon dosing tends to drop nitrates a bit lower then i would like. I cant say for sure this will work for everyone but it has worked for a longer period then anything else i tried. The ultra algae x would work while i was dosing but as soon as i removed it the dinos would come back. Lights out periods beat them down but they would come back fast as soon as i turned the light cycle back up. I will say that i had them only growing on the rocks when i started this regiment.

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