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Hi Yukihiko San

Fantastic work, I really like it, except for one thing, I personally do not really like the round gauges all that much. My first issue is that it's hard for you to get too many of them on one screen for people who might have lots of probes and secondly I find the lack of a yellow, green and red area makes it a bit hard to tell at a quick glance if all the reading are within proper order.

Personally I like something more like this. The three gauges on the right are the type that I am talking about, they are compact, have finer scale reading and you can have red zones for say when the pH goes over 8.4 or yellow zone when it drops below 8.0

Please do not be offended, I am just suggesting an alternative look to the gauges. If you like yours better or most of the other users prefer the round gauges than please leave it as is. Your software has been excellent and I thank you for all the hard work.


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