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Oh. Here's my approach.
1. 100% on time Low flow 400gph UV 40W
2. 100% on time chaeto refugium
3. 100% on time skimmer
4. One day lights off and 15% water change
5. High flow in the DT
6. pH at 8.3 with a kalk drip

Here's my theory:

The UV destroys the dinos but it must be low flow and the tank water must be highly agitated to get them into the sterilizer.
The skimmer removes the waste product and pulls living dinos too.
The chaeto consumes the waste product too.
The lights off and water change flushes them out.
The kalk drip isn't about raising pH or alkalinity for the whole tank. I think it effects the water surface at night - plankton disruption.

Not sure about the theory, but it's worked twice now. The stuff that's not in the water column is the stubborn remnant but my crabs are slowly dislodging it.

No cure, but it suppresses the symptoms well enough.

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