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My first dino outbreak and observations. I recently had an ever worsening hair algae problem. I dosed Marine Algaefix for the HA which worked. Just as the tank was looking good, in came the dinos in an incredible rush. What I didn't catch is that my normal nitrate level of less than 5ppm jumped up to 20ppm. I am assuming the total algae kill left plenty of nutrients behind. I do regular weekly 10% water changes. The only "new" things in my 1 1/2 year old reef was the slow buildup of hair algae, the algaefix to get rid of it and now the dinos. I have two new bags of Purigen and replaced what was probably stale Rowaphos in my phosphate reactor with Phosguard. It seems like I am in for a huge battle. Any comments or advice gladly appreciated..

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